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Quick note from the Road

Hello everyone,

Today two milestones will be met…with immense joy I might add :-)!!! Reason being: Wacken Open Air Germany!  I´ll be working with German rockers Mad Max at arguably Germany´s biggest Hard Rock Fest Wacken Open Air.  It´s a personal milestone but also one for the band Mad Max…. and there was much rejoicing!

Moreover, Mad Max will perform at the official Wacken Open Air After Party at the Headbanger´s Ballroom at Hamburg´s famous Reeper Bahn, coming Sunday. For more info please go to:  www.myspace.com/madmaxmusic

Music ís the Doctor!!!

My best, Hans in ´t Zandt












Bangalore Choir to release new album!

Label: Metal Heaven / Release Date: 24.09.2010
David Reece was asked to sing on Swedish rockers Gypsy Rose new record “Another World” in 2007 and while there they performed at the “Sweden Rock Festival”. While speaking to his fans he was asked repeatedly about when there would be a new Bangalore Choir record? With the fantastic support from fans worldwide David reached out to guitarist Curt Mitchell and bassist Danny Greenberg asking if they would like to make a new record, both of them eagerly accepted the challenge. Also on this new record are guitarist Andy Susemihl of U.D.O. fame handling songwriting and guitars as well as doing a masterful job on production and Hans in’t Zandt on drums. David Reece comments: ”We knew if we were to make a new record that in order for it to be viable we had to keep some of the old formula that worked so well in the past which we have done! The new record by Bangalore Choir is called “Cadence”- continuing with blistering guitars pounding rhythms and big hooky choruses.”

Soundclips in advance: Martyr / Dig Deep / Living Your Dreams.

Bangalore Choir will go on tour in Europe in early October 2010 playing such shows as the H.E.A.T. Festival as well as Firefest in England we also plan to tour the Asian market as well as some U.S. dates. Get ready for Bangalore Choir! New Website at: www.bangalore-choir.com.

Very Busy

Hello everyone,

Though you may haven’t heard from me in a little while it’s because I’ve been very busy, just the same.
If you allow me an overview of what’s been going on:
Yesterday news came in:
MAD MAX Confirmed For Germany’s WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival

German melodic rockers MAD MAX have been confirmed for this year’s edition of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 5-7, 2010 in Wacken, Germany.

I’ll also be playing the Firefest in Brittain in Octobre aswell as the Z-rock fest.
Tommorow is the  cd – release party for Wicked Temptation whose debut album “Seeing Ain’t Believing ” I recorded over the course of last summer and autumn. The album is already going through the grapevine on Melodicrock.com for weeks, we’re very happy to say. Moreover, the album will be distributed by Sony Records. Nice one 🙂
But there is more to ventilate:
Last December my very first band Chinawhite released their 3rd studio album called “Challenges” which I recorded over the course of the last 2 years. It is published and distributed through our own label called Rock Company.
With Cooper Inc. we released last octobre our 2nd studio album called “Pulling the Trigger” brought to the public by CTM and Point Music.
Two weeks ago I recorded the drumtracks for  ex- Accept singer David Reece’s Bangalore Choir new album, which is yet to be titled and finished. However, it is expected to be released soon through Georg Siegl’s Metal Heaven. Melodicrock.com is spreading news about this one, too.
A week ago my website www.hansintzandt.nl  was entirely facelifted. Please check in and have a look around!
Soon my own recording studio in my house will be up and running with a big live room flooded in daylight of 7x7x3 mtr.  and a protools rig.
When I’m not giging or recording I teach drums at the Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf, reportedly one of the finest schools in Europe as well as at my own school, The Rhythm Syndicate. On top of that I father as of recently twó sons 🙂
On my website and my myspace site: www.myspace.com/hansintzandt you’ll find an overview of my working dates.
Hope to meet and reacqaint at the Frankfurt Messe.
All my best,
Hans in ‘t Zandt

New Release Wicked Temptation

wicked temptationRhine Rock Records presented the fantastic hard rock debut of the German band Wicked Temptation.
Ex-Vengeance drummer Hans in’t Zandt is back on the scene! The drummer who has also played in bands as Terra Nova and Angel Dust is working his drumkit now for Wicked Temptation!
Wicked Temptation is featuring Peter Wagner (ex-Powergod) on guitar, Marc Hermann (ex-Jo Hartmann Band) on bass and Dirk Hackenberg (ex-Salvage, Essex) on vocals. In the Rhein-Ruhr-area Dirk Hackenberg is also known from the cover band Powerstation with ex-Running Wild-guitarist Bernd Aufermann on guitars. The music of Wicked Temptation can be described as hard n’ heavy rock of the 80ies and 90ies, in tradition of icons as Ozzy Osbourne or Dokken.
The debut album called Seein’ Ain’t Believin’ which will be released at Rhine Rock Records/Sony Music on March 14. More info: www.wicked-temptation.de / www.rockpapas.de. You can order this Release and other at info@rockpapas.de.

wicked temptation 2010

Cooper Inc

I’d like to inform you that I’ll be giging with my band Cooper Inc. tomorrow and Friday.

Tomorrow night we have the honour to support the amazing vocalist from Norway Jorn Lande and his band at The Rock Temple in Kerkrade in the south of the Netherlands.

Moreover, Friday night at the famous Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium Cooper Inc. will support ex-Accept and Bangalore Choire singer David Reece.
I’m also very honoured to announce you that I’ll be the sub for Reece’ drummer Stephan Schwarzmann (Accept)on that same night, too. A busy night, just the way I like it… 🙂

Please feel free to visit Cooper Inc.’s website for info on e.g.
-reviews from all over the globe on Cooper Inc.’s recent release Pulling the Trigger.
-video take out
-audio take out

New Release Cooper Inc

Hello everyone,

…and there was much rejoycing!!! 🙂

coopier inc pulling the triggerWith my band Cooper Inc. we have a new cd out now: Pulling the Trigger.

Reviews are rolling in daily and we recieve a lot of praise. It´s not inconceivable it won´t be long before we can say “critically acclaimed” :-).
Needless to say we´re very happy see the path we chose: to “Inc.” top producer Michael Voss pays off and is a real asset. The record is self financed, however distributed by Point Music and CD BABY, globally.

Please feel free to go to: www.cooperinc-music.com  and then news to read the reviews yourselves or watch live footages of Cooper Inc. on stage supporting Rock Legendaries Toto during the past three summers, then dial in to media.

Mad Max Tour

…Upcoming European tour with Mad Max is in the making. Expect us in your neighbourhood around June! I will be using my old Stratovaius red double fade Ayotte set with my 22″ by 19″ bass drum 😉 …