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Hi everybody,

Time flies when you’re having fun indeed!!!!

Today, september 24th, a new album with me on drums will see the light of day, hoorah!!!! Permission to shout boisterously???!!! 🙂 …..Permission granted!!!

For today I celebrate another personal milestone aswell as a milstone for David Reece´s Bangalore Choir.

The new Bangalore Choir Album " Cadence" is my twentieth cd production which I can´t help but have to shout to the world!!
In Europe it is released through Georg Siegl’s Metal Heaven.

Quite a number of great reviews have already been written and posted throughout the international rock music community. We are very happy and proud to say that Bangelore Choir: Cadence is very well recieved.

I´ve posted a number of these reviews on my website: www.hansintzandt.nl

For more info you can also go to: www.reeceworld.com

It’s been ten years ago this month that I moved to Los Angeles to study with the greats. Did it help me? " You better, you better, you bet….oo who who "

Thank you all for making this possible!!

My best,

Hans in ‘t Zandt

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