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Hans in ‘t Zandt wishes you a prosperous 2012: an overview in retrospect

Hi everyone,

At the end of the year  in retrospect a little overview of my activities during the year gone by.

I did lots of shows with a lot of different bands. Among others playing for American female singer/guitar player Malina Moye at the prestigious Bospop Festival and sharing the big stage with great bands like Journey, Ringo Starr, Glenn Hughes, Dream Theater to name a few, was definitely a milestone for me! Sit back and enjoy if you will:

However, there was more to boast about I’m quite proud to say. In the course of the last year no less than three Cd’s saw the light of day. It started with American and Swedish collaboration Reece & Kronlund: “Solid” which met with some amazing reviews.
Followed by American rockers Bangalore Choir’s first Live CD “All or Nothing” recorded at the famous FireFest in Nottingham, England.

And last but not least Germany’s most sought after rock producer Michael Voss’ Mad Max released their first live CD called “Live in Berlin” as an official bootleg. Nice detail about that is that I captured that performance myself!! Negotiations with a major label are underway as we speak…more of that later which makes a promising start for 2012!
Thank you for your fantastic support.

Music ís the doctor!

All my best, good health and good music for the coming year and thereafter 🙂
Hans in ’t Zandt

Help and Win + new Bangalore Choir CD

Hi gang,

first the news that the Live At Firefest CD from Bangalore Choir is out now. It is in limited quantities available at www.thefirefest.com.



Then I would like to encourage you to visit this link. Here you will find a couple of tracks from Chinawhite. If you comment on those (which one do you like best) you might be the winner of a Chinawhite CD! So help the band choose 🙂

Bangalore Choir Reviews

Hi there!

a lot of Bangelore Choirs reviews are coming in. Seems people like it 😉

Read more? Just follow the links:









Bangalore Choir to release new album!

Label: Metal Heaven / Release Date: 24.09.2010
David Reece was asked to sing on Swedish rockers Gypsy Rose new record “Another World” in 2007 and while there they performed at the “Sweden Rock Festival”. While speaking to his fans he was asked repeatedly about when there would be a new Bangalore Choir record? With the fantastic support from fans worldwide David reached out to guitarist Curt Mitchell and bassist Danny Greenberg asking if they would like to make a new record, both of them eagerly accepted the challenge. Also on this new record are guitarist Andy Susemihl of U.D.O. fame handling songwriting and guitars as well as doing a masterful job on production and Hans in’t Zandt on drums. David Reece comments: ”We knew if we were to make a new record that in order for it to be viable we had to keep some of the old formula that worked so well in the past which we have done! The new record by Bangalore Choir is called “Cadence”- continuing with blistering guitars pounding rhythms and big hooky choruses.”

Soundclips in advance: Martyr / Dig Deep / Living Your Dreams.

Bangalore Choir will go on tour in Europe in early October 2010 playing such shows as the H.E.A.T. Festival as well as Firefest in England we also plan to tour the Asian market as well as some U.S. dates. Get ready for Bangalore Choir! New Website at: www.bangalore-choir.com.