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Drum play through of Chinawhite’s “Or The Same!”

A year ago Chinawhite released the Different album. To celebrate they now present a drum play through video of the track “Or The Same!”
Disclaimer; video is shot at the first take, but that take did not end up on the album. Still hope you like to see Hans working his way through a track he hardly knows, with only a metronome and some guitars as reference…

Help and Win + new Bangalore Choir CD

Hi gang,

first the news that the Live At Firefest CD from Bangalore Choir is out now. It is in limited quantities available at www.thefirefest.com.



Then I would like to encourage you to visit this link. Here you will find a couple of tracks from Chinawhite. If you comment on those (which one do you like best) you might be the winner of a Chinawhite CD! So help the band choose 🙂