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New Release Cooper Inc

Hello everyone,

…and there was much rejoycing!!! 🙂

coopier inc pulling the triggerWith my band Cooper Inc. we have a new cd out now: Pulling the Trigger.

Reviews are rolling in daily and we recieve a lot of praise. It´s not inconceivable it won´t be long before we can say “critically acclaimed” :-).
Needless to say we´re very happy see the path we chose: to “Inc.” top producer Michael Voss pays off and is a real asset. The record is self financed, however distributed by Point Music and CD BABY, globally.

Please feel free to go to: www.cooperinc-music.com  and then news to read the reviews yourselves or watch live footages of Cooper Inc. on stage supporting Rock Legendaries Toto during the past three summers, then dial in to media.