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Reece Kronlund released

Hi y’all,
I’m very proud to announce to you the release of my next CD that I tracked the drums for:
Reece Kronlund: Solid, my 17th full length platter. Released 24-6-2011 through one of the finest labels in the contemporary rock scene:
Besides the obvious “suspects” in this project David Reece and Martin Kronlund writers and players like Tommy Denander, Brynn Arens, Christian Tolle, Andy Susemihl among others took responsibility in contributing to this melodic rock fest “vom feinsten” 🙂
Please read below:
Reece/Kronlund: Solid
http://www.seaoftranquility.org/images/reviews/R/reece_kronlund.jpgAfter a good few years out of the music business it is great to see one time Accept singer David Reece back in very regular action. Teaming up with Dogface guitarist Martin Kronlund in the band Gypsy Rose, the pair released Another World in 2008, before Reece put out a solo album one year later. Next up came the comeback album Cadence from Bangalore Choir kept the ball rolling at full pelt last year. Kronlund was also involved with Cadence as well as the recent Bangalore Choir reissue On Target and therefore it is no surprise to see the pair back together so soon for the first Reece/Kronlund album, simply titled Solid.
Now that album title may give the impression of a dependable and steady release, however that description would be selling this album short and by quite some distance. Cadence, which was a mighty fine album, was seen by some (not me!) as a little too modern to carry the Bangalore Choir name and for those people Solid should fit the bill perfectly. Built round big brash guitars, huge melodies, gargantuan hooks and the mighty Reece-Roar, this album nods a little more firmly in the eighties arena rock direction, although this is no nostalgia trip as in terms of sound and execution the album is bang up to date.
Racing out of the blocks with the punchy “My Angel Wears White”, Solid wastes no time with introductions, instead we get a huge chorus that greets you like an old friend before being backed up by some gritty and in your face guitars. The heavy bluesy stomp of “Samurai” allows Kronlund to really crank things up and with the backing of Bangalore Choir stick-smith Hans in ‘t Zandt, kicks out a thick groove that hits home with a hefty thwack!Reece himself is in stunning form, with his throaty, yet crystal clear vocal power being as captivating as ever and whether it is the more restrained “Could This Be Madness”, or the meatier delivery of “Paint The Mirror Black”, there’s no question that he is one of the best at this game. There isn’t a duff track anywhere in sight on Solid, with the darting riff of “Animals And Cannibals” adding an almost power metal chorus to a bouncing rocker of a song, while the confident swagger of the oddly titled “Magic Pudding” brings another different angle to the Reece/Kronlund sound, with a vibe similar to the Allanah Myles hit “Black Velvet”, even if this song is considerably heavier.
More impressive than the title Solid would suggest, the only question I have after listening to this album is which of the many excellent bands and projects that Reece currently has on the go, will we hear from next. Whichever it is I hope David manages to keep up his prestigious album a year work rate, as with output as spellbinding as this, there’s no danger of getting too much of a good thing!

Track Listing
1. My Angel Wears White
2. Samurai
3. Could This Be Madness
4. Animals And Cannibals
5. Remember You
6. Paint The Mirror Black
7. I Would
8. Edge Of Heaven
9. Magic Pudding
10. The Dead Shall Walk The Earth
Added: June 19th 2011
Reviewer: Steven Reid
4 stars
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Music, the medicine for Millions 🙂
All my best,
Hans in ‘t Zandt



Reece Kronlund project

REECE-KRONLUND is the new project of singer David Reece (ex Accept, Bangalore Choir) and Swedish guitarist/producer Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Dogface). Their first album “Solid” offers a fine mix of Hard Rock and Melodic Metal and includes a high toned companionship of musician guests playing musically and also co-writing songs on the album, i.e. on ‘My Angel Wears White’ (Tommy Denander), ‘Edge of Heaven’ (Andy Susemihl), ‘Samurai’ (Rikard Quist) ‘Could This Be Madness’ (Brynn Arens) and ‘Animals and Cannibals’ (Christian Tolle). The drums are played by Hans in ‘t Zandt.
Tracklist: 1. My Angel Wears White, 2. Samurai, 3. Could This Be Madness, 4. Animals And Cannibals, 5. Remember You, 6. Paint The Mirror Black, 7. I Would, 8. Edge Of Heaven, 9. Magic Puddin’, 10. The Dead Shall Walk The Earth.
Soundfiles in advance:



Quick note from the studio!

hans studioHi everyone,

Right at the end year I just finished tracking the drums in the studio for a new full length album. 12 songs in two and a half days! ( it’s so nice to work with pros 🙂

This time ’round the “songwriter suspects” are David Reece, Martin Kronlund, Tommy Denander, Andy Susimihl, Brynn Arens among others.
the album’s due in April 2011.

hans studio 2Martin Kronlund, known for producing bands like FM and Phenomena (and then some) will do the honours for this one, too. It’s gonna be one to watch out for 🙂
A lot of song, a lot of big chorusses, quite some musicianship as well, great diversity stylewise, wrapped in a huge production…. what more do we want, huh?

The drums are again recorded at my good friend Jean-Pierre’s Artsound Studio in Belgium:  please feel free to CHECK THAT OUT!!
I’ve attached a couple of pics…

hans studio 3I wish you all my best, a bonne Noell and a happy healthy and musical new year!!! Because music ís the doctor.

Hans in ‘t Zandt